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Benefits of our Service

By utilising the services of Knightsbridge Associates you can enjoy the benefits of retaining your self employed status along with the following.

  • Allow us to invoice for your services in any currency
  • It means - You get paid on time
  • No start-up or exit costs
  • If you do not work there is nothing to pay

Knightsbridge Associates provide international remuneration and invoicing services for the self employed professional contractor..Calculator

Knightsbridge Associates can help you maximise your income by allowing you to work as a self employed contractor benefiting from reduced N.I.. contributions and the ability to offset many business related expenses at the tax year end, giving you the opportunity to be in control of your finances.

Knightsbridge Associates provide IR 35 compliant remuneration services to self employed contractors in all industry sectors, allowing you to retain your self employed status without the need to administer your own limited company and all the associated costs and responsibilities attached thereto.

Knightsbridge Associates handle the paperwork for you and simply invoice your client directly, on your behalf, for services rendered; upon receipt of cleared funds from your client we then credit your bank account with the gross value (minus our fee). There are no start-up or exit costs involved.

Our Promise
We will enable you 'the self employed' to receive your money gross with no hassle, no need for expensive paperwork, no chasing up, therefore eliminating any worry that you may not get paid on time.

  • We will provide you with an efficient invoicing system based on information you give us.
  • We will act on your behalf as an intermediary.
  • We will credit your bank account with the gross payment (minus our fee) once funds have been cleared by your client/company.

The service we provide will save you £'s in time and even more in the bank.